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The Countdown to Japan Begins

I cannot believe that in exactly two weeks we will be standing on Japanese soil. I can’t even visualize that in my head. I can’t even visualize sitting on an airplane with my husband and our almost 2 1/2 year old daughter. My brain just can’t seem to grasp around that idea, probably because it… Continue reading The Countdown to Japan Begins

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A Plane, A Toddler, & Two Inexperienced Parents

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share this, but it’s official, we are going to Japan! With our toddler. On a plane. For the first time. Woohoo!!! I am all at once beyond excited and nervous! But you know, I figure, if you’re going to make a decision to travel for the very… Continue reading A Plane, A Toddler, & Two Inexperienced Parents

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Idyllwild – Pine Cove

I started to write this post during one of my many moments of rest during our family getaway to Idyllwild. We’re back home now and pretty much settled in and I thought I would share some of our pictures and finish the thoughts I started… Today is our third day in Idyllwild and it has been such… Continue reading Idyllwild – Pine Cove

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Time for a family getaway

I really shouldn’t be blogging at this hour. Actually I should have been in bed an hour ago, but I’m too excited (thus way alert) to fall asleep just yet anyway. I know my limitations though so I won’t make this too long. Tomorrow my husband, daughter, and our bulldog Biggie are off on a… Continue reading Time for a family getaway


Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations

My dogs are barking! We have done so much walking and exploring between yesterday and today that my calves are sore. The good thing is we’ve also been taking a lot of breaks in between and I’ve even napped on a cobblestone floor on the Ile St. Louis overlooking the Seine River while my husband… Continue reading Napping On A Cobblestone Floor and More Explorations


I Love Paris In The Springtime, I Love Paris In The Fall…

It’s time to polish up my French because my husband and I are off to Paris! Woohoo, or should I say, oh la la. Last night we cancelled our trip to Japan and booked our flight and hotel to Paris. I’m really excited because Paris was my second pick when we were deciding where to go for Spring break. Both… Continue reading I Love Paris In The Springtime, I Love Paris In The Fall…